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UGA by Ryan EscalanteOur laboratory studies prokaryotic metabolism and physiology. We are currently analyzing the role of reversible lysine acetylation (RLA), the biosynthesis of coenzyme B12, and strategies used by prokaryotes to avoid metabolic stress caused by reactive metabolic intermediates. RLA is an epigenetic regulatory mechanism for the control of protein function. We first described the role of RLA in prokaryotic metabolism over a decade ago in Salmonella. We have expanded our studies to firmicutes, α-proteobacteria and actinomycetes in an effort to understand the rules governing this process. We have studied the complex pathway of coenzyme B12 biosynthesis in bacteria and archaea for over two decades. We have discovered new enzymes, pathways and strategies to assemble the largest coenzyme known. Lastly, we are interested in the molecular mechanisms underpinning the toxicity of short-chain fatty acids such as acetate and propionate, as well as other aspects of C2 metabolism.

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